How to Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Errors with ease?

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How to Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Errors with ease?

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and an effective web browser in the marketplace and the great thing is its completely free for different users. It is available for Windows, smartphones, MAC or Tablet.  One of the main reasons for its increasing popularity is- Firefox is very easy to install, download and use. But the browser still come across with errors and faults that must be resolved to get it working well & smooth.

In this blog we have discussed few troubleshooting tips to fix any issue troubling you in between. Most problems with Firefox can be fixed by these processes though you can always call on Firefox customer service number to contact with expert technicians to fix your problems.

Here are Some Troubleshooting Tips:

Step 1: Restart your system

If your Mozilla browser is suddenly crashed or stopped in between, then you can restart your system. Sometimes difficulties can be resolved only by restarting your system and then open the Firefox browser again.

Step 2: Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

Many difficulties with loading pages can be fixed just by deleting Firefox’s cache and cookies.

To fix this:

  • Hit the Library icon, press History & choose Clear Recent History.
  • Time Range to delete: drop-down, choose everything.
  • Hit the arrow next to Information to show the list of things that can be deleted.
  • Select both Cache & Cookies.
  • Hit Clear Now.
  • You are complete; start with your Mozilla browser now.

Step 3: Restart Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode

Opening your web browser in Safe Mode will deactivates all extensions, switch off hardware acceleration and uses theme, default toolbar settings and controls. This will let your Mozilla Firefox browser work completely good & smooth.

To start browser in Safe Mode:

  • Hit the menu icon, press Help & select Restart, Add-ons Disabled.
  • In the browser dialog that displays, hit Start in Safe Mode.
  • Check whether old errors still arises in the Mozilla Firefox when in Safe Mode.
  • If the problem continues, go on to the succeeding step.

Call Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number

If you are still getting errors/ issues with your Browser, it is recommended you to dial Mozilla Firefox Support Number available completely toll free for USA and Canada at Oneclickcustomerservice.

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