Step by step Guide to Update Netgear Router Firmware

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Step by step Guide to Update Netgear Router Firmware

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Nowadays technology has grasped us in such a way that without it the pace of our life will retard up to a great extent. A router is that one device without which the procedure seems to fail to complete and conquer. Thus, making the work of router unique and vital. A Netgear is among those devices which are stable along with reliable to use. Netgear has always been turning ideas into innovative networking products that connect people, power business and advances our lives. Netgear devices are very easy to use. Netgear has granted the user with high-speed internet connectivity and an outstanding network. But many times users come across a situation in which they don’t have an idea how to update Netgear Router Firmware. Then it becomes difficult for the users to complete any task and also leaves a bad impact on productivity. So, in order to cope up with such conditions, here are few steps listed below which user can follow.

Steps involved in updatingNetgear Router Firmware: –

Various times when the router does not functionproperly, then user searches for results like “Netgear router connected butinternet not working.” But before that important part is to update the firmwarefor the device. In order to improve product performance and add new features,Netgear releases new firmware on the regular basis.

  1. Find the router’s address
  2. First of all, the user has to find the address of the router. This could be considered as the primary step. For this, the user has to enter the IP address in the browser, and then he could access the router. The IP address is entered at the bottom of the device.
  3. Now, start the menu and enter “network status” in the option and this will show “view network status and tasks” window.
  4. Then user has to tap on the name of the connection. There would be icon representing the type of the connection that the user is using.
  5. Then tap on the option “details” which is in the new window. This will exhibit a list of entries.
  6. Installing the Updates
  7. First of all, the user needs to connect the router with Ethernet.
  8. Now, in the web browser’s option, user needs to enter the IP address of the router, and then enter the login data. The user could try to open the admin as username and leave the password as it is. Look up to the router and the model number of the router.
  9. Now, the user has to visit firmware- router upgrade- the name of the page. Then tap on the “check” option to see for the updates, and download the firmware files and folders.
  10. After that, user has to enter the model number of the router which could be located at the top of the router. Then, the user needs to locate the latest firmware file. And also, user has to make sure that the version downloaded has not been updated before.
  11. Now, after the download has been completed user has to extract the ZIP file.
  12. Next, file has to be uploaded to the router. Tap on “choose file” and go to the extracted folder and click on “upload” option.
  • Reset the router
  • Once the router update is initialized, the user has to wait for some time while the update is being done.
  • As soon as the router is updated user needs to reset it.
  • At the back of the Netgear router, the user has to look for the reset button.
  • Hold the reset button for a while.
  • And then, release the reset button and wait for router to reboot.

These are the few steps for Updating Netgear RouterFirmware. In case, user still has any queries or doubts then user can contact Netgear Tech Support.

One Click Customer Service will guide the users with troubleshooting steps. Here user can find customer service phone numbers, their support websites and also can rate, comment, even chat and share their experiences.

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