Simple steps to enhance Gmail Account security

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Simple steps to enhance Gmail Account security

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To protect email account Google provides many security facilities that enhance your account privacy and security. To do so we strongly recommend you change or update a few settings or reset your password regularly. Especially in the situation, when you notice a few changes or malicious activity to your email account which you didn’t make.

Follow below given steps to make your Gmail account secure:

Step 1: Scan malware and viruses with a reliable anti-virus software.

Step 2: To ensure account Security Checkup, go to the My Account page->Security Checkup ->choice Get Started and then follow the instructions on screen to check account security.

Step 3: Make sure your account’s rescue options are updated.

Step 4: Register in two-step verification with a password and a code that sent to your phone.

Step 5: Perform a regular browser and operating system updates automatically

Take these extra precautions, if you use a public computer. And also clear passwords, forms, cache and cookies of browser on a regular and make sure your account always sign-out. Furthermore, if you begin to notice suspicious activities like pop-up advertisements and general slowness in your PC, then you should perform these steps more frequently.

Above given steps are enough to make your account safe and secure, but in case you’re unable to perform these steps or looking for technical expert advice, then you are at the right place at directory you can get reliable toll-free Gmail customer service number to resolve all Gmail account issues with ease.

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