Simple Method to Replace HP Printer Low or Empty Cartridges

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Simple Method to Replace HP Printer Low or Empty Cartridges

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Want to know how to replace HP Printer low or empty cartridges? If yes, then read given guideline to get rid of your issue. If you are a novice and found these steps tricky then get Customer Service for HP and experts handle your issue.

Steps Replace HP Printer Low or Empty Cartridges:-

Step-1: In the input tray, Load plain white paper

Step-2: To turn on the printer, press the Power button

Step-3: Open the cartridge door like in image given and then wait until the printer is idle as well as silent before you continue.

Step-4: To release cartridge, lightly press down on the cartridge and to remove it from its slot pull the cartridge out

Note: Do not touch the copper-colored ink nozzles or contacts. Likewise, don’t re-tape the cartridges, as these can becomes the root of issues like ink failure, as well as bad electrical connections.

Step-5: From its packaging remove the new cartridge, and then to remove the plastic tape pulls the tab pull

Step-6: Now insert the cartridge into its color-coded slot. Check that the cartridge matches on the slot.

  • In the slot on the left, insert the tri-color cartridge
  • In the slot on the right, insert the black cartridge

Step-7: Into its slot until it snaps into place push the cartridge forward

Step-8: If necessary, repeat these steps to replace the other cartridge

Step-9: Close the cartridge door

Although, these steps are easy to follow, still dial HP Support Phone Number, if you want real-time of experts to resolve your technical printer issues.

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