Identify your Yahoo Email Account is Hacked or Secure

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Identify your Yahoo Email Account is Hacked or Secure

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If you want to recognize your mail account is hacked or not, then you must know about some warning signs which occur only when an account has been compromised.

A few effects that indicated account is hacked:-

You see logins from unexpected locations

Not getting any email inbox

Suddenly, your mail ID is sending spam to existing contacts

The settings of your account were altered without your knowledge

If you see anything like above given that means you’re hacked, but you can secure your account using some important steps like:-

  • Create two-step verification or use Yahoo account key
  • Make sure your password is strong enough or change your password
  • Update and check recovery, email information about your account
  • Use the Sign-in Helper, if you get locked out of your account

In addition, review Yahoo email settings means it’s time to check your all account settings for any modifications you didn’t create. A malicious user could modify some of these to get copy your emails send or received ones as well as restore settings if required.

Besides, to prevent accounts from future attacks make a few changes from the Settings icon of your account that is available at the top right corner of the Yahoo email account like add Filters, Signature, Sending name and Auto-forwarding options. Likewise, three facilities such as Reply-to address, Vacation response and Blocked addresses makes Yahoo account more efficient and secure.

Still, if you unable to perform these steps or want to enhance your account security, then you can get support from expect with just a call. The toll-free Yahoo customer service number is listed at the Oneclickcustomerservice. online phone directory.

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