How to Fix Pop-up Blocker Issues for Pogo Games?

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How to Fix Pop-up Blocker Issues for Pogo Games?

Fix Pop-up Blocker Issues for Pogo

Most of the Pogo games make use of the pop-up windows to show specific information or ask the user for approval. However, you may face troubles while playing Pogo games if you have a pop-up blocker installed on your system. In order to deal with such issues, you need to disable pop up blocker for pogo games. Moreover, you can the pop-up blockers can be set to allow specific, trustworthy websites like so that you can open pop-ups when it is required. If you have trouble in disabling the pop-ups, you can contact Pogo Game Customer Care.

Why to disable pop up blocker for Pogo games?

There are many problems caused due to pop-up blockers, so it is better to disable pop up blocker for pogo games. If the pop up blocker is enabled, then the My game window never appears, My table never appears and you won’t be able to view other player’s profile.

Easy Steps to disable pop up blocker for Pogo games

  • Hold down the CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT key: – You can disable pop up blocker temporarily for pogo games just by holding the CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT key when you click a game link. However, if holding down the specific keys do not disable pop up blocker for Pogo games, then try other ways.
  • Check the toolbar of your Internet browser: – You can find the pop-up blockers on the toolbar.
  • First, go to the View menu at the top of your browser.
  • Then find a menu option for Toolbars under View menu.
  • Next, in Toolbars, you will see options for Standard buttons and Address bar.
  • Now, if there are toolbars listed as checked, then try to disable them by un-checking them. After that, run the pop-up blocker test again.
  • Check the “notification” area near your system clock: – There are various internet security programs that offer the pop-up blocker feature. You can find it in form of little icon near the clock at the corner of your computer screen. Just double-click that little icon and it will show you instructions regarding the pop-up blockers. As every security program is different, so you need to check the documentation to disable these pop-up blockers.

These are the some easy ways that you can try to disable the pop-blockers for the Pogo games. In case, if you find that pop-blockers are still enabled, you can call on Pogo Support Number and discuss your issue with the professionals.

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