How to Fix a 1203 Error Code on the Lexmark Printer

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How to Fix a 1203 Error Code on the Lexmark Printer

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Lexmark Printers are known for delivering higher performance at a pocket friendly cost. Its products provide you imaging solutions with advanced technology whether you are printing business files or just simple images. But still, you may found some annoying code while using a printer like 1203 Error Code. Actually, such error message on the operator panel points out an issue with one of the ink cartridges your printer is working on.

If you want to resolve this error then follow the steps carefully that is below listed.

Steps to Fix a 1203 Error Code on the Lexmark Printer:-

Step 1: Ensure that All-In-One is powered on like in image given.

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Step 2: Now pull the control panel, and after that open the cartridge access door. The print cartridge starts moving and then stops at the loading position.

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Steps 3: Pull the old cartridges in the direction of you, after that lift them out. Now shut the access door as well as the control panel. At this instant of the power of printer and then ON again.

lexmark 3

Step 4: Now it’s time to reinstall the cartridges back with its color cartridge in the left carrier carefully.

lexmark 4

Step 5: Push back confidently the cartridges till they snap safely into its proper place.

lexmark 5

Step 6: Close the both cartridge access door and close the control panel.

Still, if you are troubling with the 1203 Error Code, then it’s recommended call on Lexmark Printer support number to get help from an expert to your printer issues instantly. Using Lexmark support phone number you can obtain help for all technical problems with ease.

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