How Create a Protected file types category with Kaspersky Internet Security 2018?

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How Create a Protected file types category with Kaspersky Internet Security 2018?

Protected file Kaspersky Internet Security 2018

Want to create a protected file types category using Kaspersky antivirus and don’t know how to do so then no need to worry just follow the given steps.

Steps To Create A Protected File Types Category Are As Follows:-

Step-1: Click the gear button, in the main window of Kaspersky Internet Security 2018

Step-2: In case you have difficulties opening the application window, then go to the Protection section, in the Settings window, and choose option Application Control in the right frame.

Step-3: Click on the Manage resources, in the Application Control settings window.

Step-4: The tab Resources, in the Manage resources window and choose the folder where the new category will be created.

Step-5: Click Add and choose Category.

Step-6: Generate the category called Protected file types as well as click Add. For more details Get Kaspersky support

Step-7: Select the category Protected file types and build several subcategories in it like Photos, Documents, etc.

Step-8: To the protected files type, select the category corresponding for example, Documents for files with the *.exe or *.doc extension, and then click on Add as well as select a folder or file.

Step-9: Specify the mask for the file type with *.<extension>

Step-10: Click Add option.

Step-11: Add the other file types the same way.

Step-12: Click Save, in the Manage resources window.

If you are novice and found above given steps tricky to follow then get experts’ advice via Kaspersky antivirus support number, listed at oneclickcustomerservice with ease.

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