How to Clean the Ink Cartridge Contacts and Vents of HP Printer

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How to Clean the Ink Cartridge Contacts and Vents of HP Printer

HP printers are known for its top class print quality and interactive interface. But still, being an electrical device you may come across some technical snags while using it that not hamper your work but waste your precious time. One such printers annoying problem is “How to Clean the Ink Cartridge Contacts and Vents?” that might origin an ink cartridge error. If you have also come across this issue then follow the below-given steps carefully.

Step 1: First of all, gather the following materials like:-

  • A pin to clean any clogged vents
  • Dry cotton swab
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Bottled or distilled water

Note: Do not use water from the tap as it may contain some contaminants, which can damage the print head.

Step 2: Turn on the printer and then open the ink cartridge access door.

Step 3: To take away the ink cartridge of your printer, simply press the tab to release it, after this remove it smoothly.

Removing an ink cartridge from the print-head


Step 4: Now put the ink cartridges on a hygienic piece of paper along with the ink opening indicating up.

Note: Do not leave your device ink cartridges outside more than 30 minutes, because it can damage the ink cartridges and printer both

Step 5: If any orange tab is connected to any ink cartridge, then remove it gently.

step 5

Step 6: Observe the vent area situated on top of ink cartridge of printer, next to the logo of HP.

step 6

Step 7: In case ink cartridges have clogged vents, then simply use a pin to clean the vents like in image given.

step 7

Step 8: Use a new, lint-free, or lightly dampened cloth to wipe any accumulated debris and ink on the copper-colored contact on the ink cartridge.

step 8

Step 9: Carefully re-insert ink cartridges into its slot that matches with the label, after that push the ink cartridge forward and down until it snaps into proper place.

step 9

Step 10: To ensure none of them protrude, run your finger along the top of ink cartridges.

In case a few ink cartridges protrude, then press down firmly till every ink cartridge snaps into proper place.

Step 11: Now close ink cartridge access door.

Still, if you are not able to clean the Ink cartridge contacts and vents of HP printer, then it’s recommended call on HP printer support phone number to does this process complete process in the real-time support of an expert. The reliable, toll-free HP printer support number is listed at online phone directory. So simply call on support services to enjoy problem free printing docs.

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