How Can Roadrunners Webmail Be Added to Outlook?

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How Can Roadrunners Webmail Be Added to Outlook?

Roadrunner webmail support number

Roadrunner webmail is the one best mail service, which allows you to stay connected with everyone. And if you are using a Roadrunner internet service provider for business, then you can use one or more email accounts. In addition, you can also add your account to another mailing service like Outlook for checking Road Runners messages, while you can check your email on the provider’s website.

Besides, if you have a multiple Roadrunner account, then you can add them at ones to save time.

Follow these steps to add your Outlook:

Step 1: From the Outlook, click on the File button and then click on the Option of Add Account. Now, click on the manually configure server types as Roadrunners webmail requires manual configuration.

Step 2: Type your name & email address in the first two boxes of choice the option of the internet email for the account type.

Step 3: Click on the Account type->choose POP 3 server as the incoming and SMTP as the outgoing server.

Step 4: Enter your Roadrunner username and password, click on the remember password for saving the password.

Step 5: Click on the Next to verifying the settings have been configured properly.

Step 6: Click on close to finish.

Although, above given steps are enough to add your Roadrunner account to Outlook mailing service, still if you are not able to perform the above steps, then call on the Roadrunner support number and get live expert support instantly. Basically, the Roadrunner email service number is specially designed to resolve you’re all issues that you may come across while using this mailing service.

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